What Calgary is All About

As I sit here and try to collect my thoughts on how the Calgary Stampede has impacted my life I realize that it would be easier to write an award winning novel than to condense all the Stampede has meant to me and my family over the last 30 years.

I grew up in Ontario, and when I was ready for college the family moved to Calgary in 1976, and it was also my first exposure to the Wild West and the Stampede. Moving from a very rural farm to the big city was daunting enough and took a lot of getting used to. Then we went to the Stampede, where we were totally blown away by the camaraderie, and the culture of the Stampede. We no longer saw Calgary as big city but a wonderful place with so much to do. My sisters and brother and I would look forward to taking our children every year, sometimes it was the only reunion where we could all be together and enjoy ourselves. And a few times we were fortunate to have family and friends come from Ontario to share in the experience as well. We so enjoyed showing the sights, sounds, and tastes of the Stampede as well as all the neighbourhood Stampede breakfasts. We especially loved that there were so many promotional deals that made it much more financially feasible for all of us to attend. It is the place where our children all could proudly display their independence and good behavior and a place that we knew to be safe for them.

I will always fondly remember meeting at the large clock on the grounds, we could always count on finding one another there if we became separated. (Sure hope they don't move that clock). Seeing the shows and Grandstand show, my daughter developed a true love of horses and put this love to good work with 4-H, and gymkhana clubs in her teen years. We have all loved the Stampede so much and hope that it continues to be a place where families can get together and truly enjoy what Calgary is all about.

It was a fantastic family reunion because of the Calgary Stampede.  There was something there for absolutely everyone in the family and a great time was had by all of us. Thanks for the memories Calgary Stampede.

Susan Gordon