What a Great Time we Had

Before I lived in Alberta, I lived just outside Detroit, Michigan.  My dad pipelined in Calgary when he was younger and always wanted to move back.  We made several trips out West to the Calgary Stampede.  In 1980 Dad’s dream finally came true and we moved out West, didn’t quite make it to Calgary but close enough. 

We did not go to the Stampede again while Dad was alive (he passed away in 2007) but I was lucky enough two years ago to be able to take my youngest daughter and to re-live some of my childhood memories.

What a great time we had.  The agricultural exhibits and live animal exhibits and shows were awesome.  The best part of our day (was not actually the rodeo like we first thought it would be although the rodeo was awesome) but we went to watch the heavy horse pull (light division) and those animals were magnificent and so powerful.  We were in awe when a Calgary Stampede record was set and the guy that set it tossed his cowboy hat high in the air.  He was so genuinely excited.  It made our day to see man and animal work together as a team and to achieve such a great feat.

The only problem we had was that there was so much to see and do that we didn’t have enough time for it all so it would be awesome if we were able to go again and try to do some of the things we missed out on!


Here are a few pictures from a couple different years we came to the Stampede. I’m sure most of them are from 1967 (except the one from 1975).

1975? Me and my new friend George ... I was in grade 4 when we made this trip out west! (my mom must have took the picture, she always cut people’s heads off!)