Welcome to Calgary Graham & Kaleigh

On July 10th 2011 - We were all moved in here in Calgary. We moved from Mississauga, ON. It took us 3 days to drive here with out 20ft U-HAUL.

When we arrived the Calgary Stampede was taking place. We thought of it as a Welcome Celebration for us. As soon as we arrived in Calgary it was a breath of fresh air. A new beginning. The Calgary Stampede was the first event in Calgary we attended together. What an experience! We had the time of our lives - we were HAPPY. It was a sign - we made the right decision. 

The Stampede will always hold that special place in our hearts as a reminder of the day we did the hardest thing but the most important thing for us, our future. I can’t wait until we attend the next Stampede!!

We had an AMAZING view of the Fireworks show each night. It was almost saying “Welcome to Calgary Graham & Kaleigh”