We Spent our First Holiday in Canada

We lived in the Netherlands and decided to spend our first holiday in Canada. So we booked a flight, we rented a camper and we decided that we shouldn’t visit all the parks that everybody visits but just start driving and see where the RV would take us.

The only thing I would really like to visit was the Calgary Stampede because we have no such thing in the Netherlands and I was eager to see an event like that. So we went east from Vancouver and we visited Calgary and the Stampede. It was a very hot summer day and we got some sunburn. But the thing I remember most is just the friendly people and the kind atmosphere that was in the air that day. I remember the lady that sang the National anthem and tears rolling down my cheeks. It was so impressive to see, to watch and to enjoy.  The other thing I enjoyed so much was the Indian Village with all the beautiful dressed First Nation people and the nice pictures I took.

I would love to visit the Calgary Stampede again. After this great holiday we decided to apply for a visa to immigrate to Canada and since last year now live in Whitehorse, enjoying life and the environment every day.

Thank you for showing us a great tradition that day and hope to see you again one day...

Mieke Evers,
Whitehorse, Yukon