We Got to Ride into the Race Track Every Night

My greatest memory of the Calgary Stampede was when I was just 10 years old.

The Dorchester's were friends of my family, and one year I got to stay and work with them during Stampede.

They had me cool down the horses, feed and water them and help with all the chores.

After work, if we could collect enough bottles, we could afford to go on the rides, and eat all the great food.

We got to ride into the race track every night in the back of a chuckwagon, think how cool that was, and then to sit in the infield during their races (that was before their were seats, dating myself I guess) The best thing about it all was being behind the scenes with all the chuckwagon families, they were all great friends and everyone had lots of fun together.  After that year with them I always wanted to do something to be part of the Stampede.

Darlene Ell