We drove back to Carstairs with a bear in the back

Congratulations and Hats Off to the Calgary Stampede for 100 years!

My husband Tom and I have enjoyed coming to the Stampede for as many years as we can remember. We dated in high school and Tom drove a yellow mustang convertible.

We went to the Stampede and Tom happened to win me a huge purple bear. The bear was so big it didn't fit into the car, so we put down the top, and the bear very prominently rode home to Carstairs in the back seat of the convertible. We had lots of laughs and looks and horn honking on the way home.

My maternal Grandmother Peggy Nylund was just an infant at the first Calgary Stampede in 1912. My paternal Grandfather was a brave man as he would bring my brother and me and some of our cousins to the Stampede to enjoy the rides and take in as many events as possible.

We are very excited to share this celebration year with the Stampede as our farm is 100 years old this year as well, and Tom is a third generation farmer here and our son Sheldon is coming into the family farm this year as well.

I have included two photos, one is of Tom's paternal Grandfathers family – the George Daniel Bennett family and his Brother John Wesley Bennett’s family. The brothers married Rosencranz sisters, Emma and Martha, and came from South Dakota and settled on a farm east of Crossfield, where they farmed and raised their families starting December of 1912.  Tom's parents, George and Edith Bennett, worked and raised their family on this farm and now Tom and I have worked and raised our family here and hopefully this will continue in our family.

The second photo is of the original homestead house with lots of workers repairing the roof.

Tom's father’s family worked along side Wilf Carter and Pete Knight.  Tom family always enjoyed the Stampede and it has been a thrill to be able to share the event with relatives when they come to visit from USA.

We love all aspects of the Stampede and our children have made it a tradition as a Christmas gift to send us to the chuckwagon and evening show at the Stampede.  Thanks so much for such an awesome event to enjoy yearly. In 2012 we will be attending the Parade, the Rodeo on July 10 and the chuckwagons on July 12.

Sincerely Tom & Kathy Bennet