Watching the Stampede from Ontario

My name is Shannon Greaves, and I am a 33 year old mother of three.  We live in North Augusta, Ontario, Canada and have a 1000 acre dairy farm.

Other than my family, my passion is barrel racing and rodeo.  I have dreamed since I was little to be able to go to Calgary and watch the Stampede!  Every year since I was 8 I have been watching all the rodeo events, but get really excited when the ladies come in to barrel race at the Stampede!  The best of the best!!  The excitement of the crowd, the amazing riders and animals in all the events is exhilarating to watch.  

I have two mares I barrel race at local shows about five times a year and my daughter (who is seven) has been riding since she was two in lead-line.  Of course with owning a huge dairy farm and having three kids we are REALLY tied down and money is tight.  While I would love to run at rodeos or even just go to watch it just never happens.  There is always birthday parties, soccer, hockey, cropping, haying, calving, milking etc.  It never ends!  We love it but it would be really nice for a break!!

This November my husband and I will be celebrating 10 years of marriage.  Of course we always said on our tenth we would go to the Calgary Stampede… 

Shannon Greaves