Waiting for Will and Kate

I am sure my stampede story is one like many who were raised and born right here in Calgary.

To me, the Calgary Stampede represents my home. In my 27 years, I have never missed The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, usually attending all 10 days, but never less than four.

As a child we would have a huge family breakfast - my family, cousins and grandparents - and all go down together. Those are some great memories for me. With that said my most memorable stampede was 2011. A friend and I sat outside all night to kick off the stampede with Will and Kate in the Stampede parade! What other city would have people forming friendships on the side of downtown streets in the middle of the night over one common interest, KICKING OFF THE GREATEST OUTDOOR SHOW ON EARTH!

I have met people who I have formed life-long friendships with at the Calgary Stampede. I have eaten some of the best foods, experienced some of the worlds finest cowboys both in the rodeo and chucks and just walking around the park! I have memories that will last a life time!

Living in Calgary brings pride knowing every year this city puts on the greatest outdoor show on earth!

Erin Crook