Trucks & Toys

First, let me say that my parents and grandparents brought us kids to the Calgary Stampede Parade every year, from High River, when we were little.  That tradition has kept going even though my parents and grandparents have passed on.  Today our children and grandchildren now visit us during the 10 days and the Parade and Stampede Park activities are a must, each year.

Now, for my story.  It was the final day of the Stampede in 2007.  I told my husband I was going to the grounds to purchase another ticket for the one-ton truck and 5th Wheel.  Dan told me he didn't care what tickets I purchased as long as I did not come home with a boat.  Well, I met my sister at the grounds and we walked over to the barns to visit with a few of the folks we knew, then we returned to the track to watch the chuckwagon races.  As soon as the races were over, I left her to walk to Erlton station to catch the C-Train.  I was busy "self talking" as to why I stayed till the end of the races and had three beer when I had to get up at 3:45 AM to go to work.  I continued down the midway and when I looked up, I saw a Seadoo.  I immediately walked over and purchased $20 worth of tickets on the 3/4 ton truck, Seadoo and Rhino.  I arrived home at 11:00 PM and told my husband I couldn't talk to him as I had to get to bed and go to sleep so I could get up early.  At midnight, our telephone rang -- amazingly I had won the "Truck & Toys" award.  Who needed to sleep after the wonderful news.  My daughter was watching the draws from Medicine Hat and called me right away as soon as she heard our names.

Ironically, nine years before, my sister had won a 1/2 ton at the Stampede.  We are so blessed.  We sold the Seadoo and the 3/4 ton truck and Rhino have been a welcome addition to our daughter, son-in-law and 3 grandchildren's farm, near Peace River.  Thank you for a day I will never forget.

Doris Burak