Third Generation Calgarian

I am a 3rd generation Calgarian and looking forward to celebrating the 100 anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.

My brother Chris was born the morning of July 6, 1959 - Parade day for the 1959 Calgary Stampede!  My dad always told the story of having to dodge the traffic barricades to get to the General Hospital where Chris was born. Every Stampede during the following years, we celebrated Chris’ birthday with a pancake breakfast in true Calgary Stampede tradition. 

My grandfather bought us cowboy outfits every year, so at two years old I started dressing up for the Parade. I am proud to be Calgarian, and I look forward to the Stampede every year. This year is no different.

My great grandparents built a house in Ramsay in 1912. I have planned a family reunion at the Deanne House to take place just before Stampede to celebrate the fact my family has lived here for the past 100 years. 

In past years I have hosted a Stampede party complete with a Chuckwagon fitted with beer taps. This year, I have family coming from England and Ontario to take part of the festivities and I will be attending the Chuckwagon races on July 6. 

Submitted by Terry Lyn Martin (nee McDonald)