The Thrill of the Chuckwagon Races

It was the summer of 1967 when our family decided to take the road trip from southwestern Manitoba to the Calgary Stampede. I was the oldest child at age 10 and we were very excited to visit the big city of Calgary. My Dad had friends who lived in Calgary and we stayed with them.

The stories of bull riding and barrel racing were dancing in my head every night as I slept. When the day came to see the chuckwagon races the sun shone brightly and the crowd was cheering so loud I had to cover my ears. The announcer was speaking in such excited tones it made my heart race!!! Around the final turn of the starting gate, the barrel is thrown inside the wagon and the horses are going full throttle! The driver is standing and steering the horses and the outriders are trying to catch up!! Everyone in the stands is cheering wildly. The winner crosses the finish line and the crowd still is going wild. As an adult, this level of excitement has yet to be reached again. I am so happy to be in Alberta and have the possibility of attending the Calgary Stampede once again – only this time with my husband of thirty years!