The Stampede Legend

By Samantha Jones

It’s the glory of it all,
The thrill of the chase,
The sweat on your back
The blood on your face.
It’s that hard-earned thrill
Made of blood sweat and tears,
The roar of the crowd,
The shouts and the cheers
It’s you and your thoughts
Alone with your ride,
And you can only hope
To keep pace with his stride
And you know in your heart
That the bucks and the blows
Are harmless in his mind
Just punctuating his throws.
“Just stay on”
Says the voice in your head,
“I love you,” says your gal
Hoping you won’t wind up dead.
But you smile as you think
This won’t be the last.
There’s a future for you,
And a memory filled past.
You'll do this forever,
You and your steed,
Cos there's nothin' you love more
Than the Calgary Stampede.