The Stampede Keeps Getting Better and Better

As a born and raised Calgarian my Stampede memories go back as far as I can remember, through all the stages of my life.

I recall as a young child, how excited I would get knowing my favourite relatives would be coming in from out of town because Stampede was starting, and waking up before sunrise to secure a front row seat for the Parade (something we still do). I remember joining with my older brother and sister to go see the Family Day stage show at the old Grandstand, and wanting to get there early to get seats that didn't have any posts in the way.

As I entered my teen years, I remember going to the Chinook Breakfast each year with my best friend and his family, and of course there was nothing better than being able to go the Stampede without any adults and ride the Midway rides all day, fill up on corn dogs and mini doughnuts, then wash them down with root beer right out of the barrel. The first concert I ever saw was Fosterchild playing at Flare Square. I remember the Stampede bringing the first ever casino to town, and the year my friend automatically won $100 for making 21 with three sevens.

As an adult, standing on the tarmac to watch the chucks go thundering by, and watching the Young Canadians perform at the Grandstand show have always been a must, and watching fireworks still captivates me. Now, as a grandfather, I get to experience all the same excitement as we share these traditions, and start new ones with our granddaughter.

For me, the Stampede just keeps getting better and better each year, and I'm very proud that I get to be a part of it!

Thank you, Murray Wright Western Showcase Committee Senior Associate