The Stampede holds special memories for me

I was born on Sneak-a-peek night in 1982. My birthday often fell during the Stampede and it was a great place to go to celebrate. My parents took us on Kids’ day, which meant getting up early, and driving from the small town where we lived to Calgary so that we could get in for free, but it was always worth it. 

I also have fond memories of watching the Chuckwagons on TV with my family, and betting on who would win each heat. My Dad loved watching the races, and I liked watching with him.

My husband has always loved the Stampede. He has been to the Stampede every year since he was born, and his first Stampede was in 1980.

Our first date was at the Stampede in 2008 . We attended the last night of the Chuckwagons and stayed to watch the Grandstand show. My husband said it was a good sign when I knew the names of the Chuckwagon drivers as we bet with each other during the races. That first date worked out, because we were married in 2009. The next two years we attended the Stampede, and made sure we attended the Chuckwagons.

Our son was born in June of 2011. My husband said we needed to take him to the Stampede.  He was almost five weeks old when we attended Family day at the Stampede. My husband got to continue his tradition of attending the Stampede every year, and we created new memories as a family.

Burgandy Motz