The Real Hero Was Always My Dad

I'm not sure of the exact year that Roy Rogers was Parade Marshal. I think 1964 or '65. My father, Reg, was an officer in the Kings Own Calgary Regiment and through some connections with the Parade; I found myself standing in the stables and looking up at Mr. Rogers.

Throughout my childhood, I was hooked on Westerns, especially The Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers.
My Dad stood beside me in his full dress uniform and after a moment Roy picked me up and sat me on Trigger [he had two actually].

I was a mighty tall little cowpoke at that moment.

You know, I never did get around to asking my father how he managed to give me such a gift. He's gone now.
At six or seven years old we all think we know who our heroes are, I thought mine was Roy Rogers, but the real hero was always my Dad.

A hundred years of Stampede. Wow!

My mother could not locate the photo with "trigger" and I but here is a photo of my parents the day they were married in 1957.

Tim McNamara