The Littlest Cowboy

There is a famous photo of my father – Lionel, otherwise known at the “Littlest Cowboy” - with Guy Weadick at the 1912 Stampede.

I am happy to report that Lionel is in great health and is living in Edmonton and will be 88, June 10th.  The picture was taken by my grandmother, Lionel’s mother, Elizabeth, who was active with Stampede activities. We sometimes can see her in see her in those wide angle photo shots of stampede horse events, and we believe she even won something for being the best dressed rider. Lionel’s aunt, Florence Wood, did win trick riding events for several early years at the Stampede. 

Lionel grew up and married his wife Marge – who is from Nova Scotia. We would travel to Nova Scotia every one, and on one of those trips, we were browsing a used book store (The Book Room on Granville St. in Halifax) and came across a book entitled “The Canadian Rodeo Book”.  It looked interesting and we picked it up – you don’t expect to find these types of books in Nova Scotia!

Later we were very surprised to find “The littlest cowboy” pic with Guy Weadick in the book. We didn’t know anything about the picture until we asked Lionel about it later.  Lionel knew all about it but unfortunately was too small to remember Guy himself.

Lionel has autographed a few copies of the rodeo book when someone stumbles on the book and recognized Lionel. This has been a fun story for our family, and our tie to Stampede history.

Lynn Martin

St. Albert Alberta