The Drugstore Cowboy's Calgary Stampede Tales

I had read about the Calgary Stampede from childhood days when I became an avid reader, and finally saw it in person.

Prose and poetry compositions tell the story in these pages.

At current age 81 years, the thrill continues.

Read on and enjoy, and if you have not experienced The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth waste no more time until you do just that!

J. Alvin Speers

Stampede Time (1993)

It is Stampede time in Calgary,
The lively event of each early July.
Tourists arrive from far away places,
And local citizen’s spirits are high.

While the rest of the year is occupied for many
With efforts to project sophistication,
This period sees the cow town image honored,
And few would dare to express indignation.

Chuckwagon breakfasts in most shopping malls
Serve hungry crowds in friendly atmosphere.
When visitors return home in all directions,
Their proudest boast will be they have been here!

Big Stampede (1996)

The big Stampede at Calgary
Draws contestants from throughout the West,
And as far away as Australia,
To prove they are the best.

Main purses of fifty-thousand
Make competition keen.
To earn such prize at rodeo
One must be tough and lean.

Ten days of striving for tally
Of points, or time by the clock,
Include extreme caution exercised
To avert what penalties will dock.

The spirit, the sweat, and the judging,
Give their audience cause to admire
Participants’ effort expended,
As though they would never tire.

They cannot all win the top money.
There are runners-up and losers with good grace
Who will practice off-season and come back next year
To try earn a higher place.

A Hundred You Say? (2012)

We are celebrating a hundred years
For the world famous Calgary Stampede.
The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth
Is description that is earned indeed!

The first one I saw live myself
Was in nineteen-fifty-seven.
A tenderfoot from Ontario then,
The Drugstore Cowboy was in heaven.

I had seen Toronto’s CNE earlier
And rodeo in Texas at Burkburnett;
They couldn’t hold a candle to
The event I will not forget.

The Stampede City does itself proud
Welcoming contestants and visitors from round the world.
For ten days every early July
Entertainment for all is unfurled.

So a tip of the hat goes out
To all who participate in any way.
The spirit displayed with enthusiasm
Is a very creditable display.