The Calgary Stampede


July’s my favorite month of the year
Ten days of Stampede so YAA HOOOO with a cheer!
So dust off your boots and grab your cowboy hat
Take the C-train to the grounds in no time flat!

The Parade is the start of the western event
You have to be early; you’ll wish you could pitch a tent!
Streets are blocked off and the crowds gather round
It’s the best entertainment that will ever be found.
With amazing floats and High School music bands
There’s Cowboys on horses and Indians from across the lands

Pancakes and sausages with beans on the side
Have a famous Stampede breakfast before you go on the rides!
The grounds are so crowded with the young and the old
Don’t forget your ticket for the chance at the Big Pot of Gold!
The Dream House would be the very dream come true
I’d love to win it; now how about you!

Entertainment at the Coca-Cola Stage that is there for free
With magic acts and famous bands for all to come see
The chuckwagon races…. the most exciting race of all
Cheering them on the edge of your seat; you’ll have such a ball.

Calf roping, bull riding, steer wrestling too
With barrel racing, rodeo clowns to just name a few
The cowboys and cowgirls are from all places around
Come to the Calgary Stampede to our rodeo ground.
The clock is ticking just a few seconds away
For the winner there’s prizes and big money it pays

So dust off your boots and grab your cowboy hat
Ten days will fly by in no time flat
So grab your partner and come on down
To the CALGARY STAMPEDE in this rodeo town!

Written by
Susan Lewis
For Esther
June 13, 2010