The Calgary Stampede is Family Time

I grew up on a farm and in the country for most of my childhood, but now I am a full on city girl and I love my home in Calgary. My Mom and Dad are farmers and live about 10 hours from here, so we don’t see each much. For us the Calgary Stampede is family time and we are full of joy to be together and to “celebrate our western heritage”.  And we do! We really try to enjoy all things Stampede, but mostly we are devoted to the rodeo and chuckwagon races. 

The only pictures of myself I can stand, are the ones taken during Stampede. I can see that I am totally myself and completely happy.  And that is just part of what Stampede means to me. I get so charged up by the whole thing I hope I am communicating effectively how much I treasure this time of year and opportunity to share precious moments with my Mom and Dad. We’ve made some wonderful memories together during that second week in July.

I’ve included a photo of us at the rodeo last year. I hope you will see some of what we feel in this picture.

Sandy Bruns