The Bees

Stampede has always been a big part of the Daniels Family.

Every year the excitement would build as the flags were seen for the first time along the roads and at major intersections in the city. The girls would save their pocket money to buy advance ride tickets and every year Dave and I along with my Mom and sometimes my Dad would take the girls to Stampede for a day of fun and excitement.

Part of the tradition was that Grandmommy would join her granddaughters on "The Bees". After a spell in the kid's ride area, including taking a chance at The Duck Game, we would take in a show on one of the stages, and then head for the Agricultural Building to see the animals and maybe feed or pet one. Duck races were a treat to watch and oh so funny. As the girls grew they started to watch the bands. Both Sarah and Samantha have made wonderful memories as members of The Bands of Calgary. Sarah performed with Stetson Showband and Stampede Showband, and Samantha performed with Roundup Band, Stetson Showband and is currently a fifth year member of Stampede Showband and Colour Guard Captain.

The activities that we do at Stampede may have changed over the years as traditions evolve, but one thing is for certain, we will be at Stampede 2012 and Grandmommy will watch with pride as Samantha competes as a member of The Stampede Showband. Sarah now teaches The Bishop Grandin Marching Ghosts and Samantha also teaches at Stetson Showband and so there is great pride in watching those groups as well knowing that the girls are creating and giving back to the world of marching showbands.

As we celebrate this Centennial year, we look back with fond memories and look forward to years to come of making more wonderful memories at The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.

Sandra Daniels