Taking Stampede Spirit to a Whole New Level

I have always been a big fan of the Stampede - I was raised on pancake breakfasts in cowgirl boots, Smithbilts, & fringe, but last year I can confidently say I took the spirit to the next level.

The Royal Couple's appearance was something I had yet to experience in conjunction with Stampede (though I realize it's not the first time we've hosted royalty). The inspired idea to create fascinators by Nancy Cherniwchan was a trend I couldn't wait to perpetuate! I was in the Calgary Stampede Parade with the Sun & Salsa float and I salsaed my way up and down 6/9th Ave proud of my city for hosting such a spectacular event!

I went to the University of Calgary's Alumni event, my summer employer's - Nexen - Stampede party, and took in all the sights, sounds and tastes on the grounds! Additionally, I participated in many of the social media campaigns put on by @CalgaryStampede by tweeting, Facebooking and wearing my pin!

Simply put, I lived and breathed the Stampede more than I ever have and I can't wait for the Centennial year as I am sure the organizers will make us Calgarians proud enough to shout "Ya Hoo!" This is not to say my Stampede spirit stops after the 10 days of wearing our boots in the city; each time I meet people new to our city or meet people on my travels around the globe I am a never ending ambassador to our great Stampede!

For instance, I extended an invitation to Taylor Swift via fan mail, the chefs at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas (who make a mean pancake) after I stayed at their hotel and even a Thank You card to the Royal Couple themselves.

Thank you for continually making the Stampede an event to be proud of - here's to the next 100 years!

Stacey @MissStaceyGrace