Stetsons and a Whistle

My sister and I were born and raised in Calgary. My father, who emigrated as a young boy to Calgary from England in 1948, was especially enamoured with the Western ways of the Stampede. We never missed the Stampede parade and always visited the grounds and watched some of the rodeo or Chuckwagon races.

Every year, we bought straw and cardboard Stetson hats with a whistle from Sears in the North Hill Shopping Centre, and my sister and I wore matching outfits.
Fast forward 45 years, and although my father has long since passed away, my daughters help me continue these family traditions. Now that my daughters are "tweens," they no longer allow me to dress them alike, but I have attached a photo of them getting ready for the parade seven years ago in their matching gingham dresses.

The black and white photo is of me, after the parade, on the way to a friend's pancake lunch in University Heights.

Cathy Stotts, Calgary, AB