Stampede Poem

By Steven Doyle

He arrived kilt clad from Scotland
Whistled at in down-town streets
In the great Cowboy land
Of Stampede and Timmy treats

To be with his true love
(No not Canada yet)
But a little clichéd dove
Of a lady he could not forget

Sadly winter came and went
And March arrived too soon-ey
Again he was home-ward sent
With a frown and half a toonie

He had missed it now
The greatest show on earth
The bronco, bull or cow
Could not share his mirth

But as next July came near
The chance was sprung anew
Joy captured in a tear
As hopes, they grew and grew

A nine hour flight
Two weeks of golden sun
Excited day and night
For Stampede had begun

The c-train was A+
Packed with revel makers
Sardines without the fuss
Truth without the Fakers

Then in the park at last
And what a sight it was
I can't describe it fast
You'll realise this because:

Events and concert and food
Rodeo, drinks and singers
Street acts and some other dude
The evening show still lingers

Chuck wagon races of course
And craft stalls and fresh baked bread
The Native village, my voice is hoarse
The prizes just went to my head

Canadian beer and rides galore
Stalls selling this and that
Do I believe you still want more?
I still have time to chat

Performers and a marching band
Jugglers and comedians
Fireworks at the grandstand
Acrobats and magicians

Learn to weave
Learn to knit
Just don't leave
Just don't sit

Just don't go
And in July
Just don't snow
I'll tell you why

For it is the greatest show
Oh the greatest show
It's the greatest show
The greatest you know?

Well one true love I had
And true love is a loonie
But this will make you glad
Now I had a toonie