Stampede AH-HA Moment

I have always participated in Stampede, as a visitor and am now a proud Promotion Committee Member. My decision to join the "Stampede Family" was definitely an easy and sound decision.

My family were and are avid Parade goers and visitors to the grounds from a very young age - above is a photograph from one of our many Parade/grounds trips. One of the children grew up to be a proud 2006 Calgary Stampede Princess. As pay back in Teri's name was my decision to step up and give back as many hours as a volunteer to the Calgary Stampede. So far it is the most satisfying and gratifying volunteer decision I have made to date. Volunteerism has always been a priority in our family, from scout's girl guides, and many other community involvements to board of directors in housing co-operative.

The Stampede family was so supportive to Teri and her family during her reign in 2006, to her tragic passing in February 2009.

The family experienced their AH-HA moment in 2006, during Stampede, when one of the attractions was a chalk artist that created the most awesome chalk works all around the grounds. Unbeknownst to the Queen and Princesses, he did a drawing of them on Olympic Way - just outside the Kids Rides area. My husband and I were in the stands -awaiting the evening show when we received a call from Princess Teri - asking us to quickly make our way to that spot... to see the "Girls" was so breathtaking... Unbelievably there they were! It made us realize the extent that the "Stampede Family" went to and the contractors went to, to create such a beautiful piece of art - that would be washed away by the evening's rain... The hours of work, the hundreds of people that saw this quick glimpse and then it was gone.... But not the memories... or the feeling of pride...

Bobbi Murray
Promotion Committee