Stampede 100

By Beverley Smith

There's something that you need to know

About your yearly Grandstand show.
The Midway, Big Four and Parade

They make a thread that links our days
For those born here, locals like me

They weave a trace of memory

That marks our life.

The fifties memories of my dad

Spending the last coins that he had

To try to win me a big bear,

The love I felt while standing there, of him.

The pick up truck we crowded in

To watch the throngs and hear the din

Of bands and how once in BC

I cried to see it on TV.

For even then it seemed to be

The yearly fest was part of me.

The teenage dance, and a first date

With one who would become my mate

A late night drive, laughter in rain

Waiting for him to call again.

The sky ride where my kids showed fright

Enjoyed the view but not the height.

The little donuts, lemonade

Part of the yearly trek mom made.

And though she's gone, and so’s my dad

I buy them still for joys once had.

They linger on the lips, taste great

For love is what they celebrate

The spirit of those now gone on

Is there somewhere amid the throng

It's comforting

There are some things compulsory

A Weadickville hot dog -not free

But priced always amazingly
Like childhood in the memory.

And every guest I take to see
What's warm about the fair for me.

The quilt display, the fancy cakes

For those who love to sew or bake

Were for my sister and for me

Yearly tradition to study.

The show home that we yearly toured

The photos from around the world

The deep fried cookies, got to try

The army tank they let us climb

Walking the aisles relives our past

It's striking just what memories last.

The Segway ride, the Ozzie hat,

The no stick clever ironing mat.

The personal engraving stall

For towels, socks, I bought them all.

And even stairs have memories

A little couple elderly

Walking and looking back to wave

And what a lovely way they gave

To think of aging with a smile

I'll walk there, think of them a while.

And though for you it's just a fair

For locals there is much more there.

This year again I just can't wait

To go down and walk through that gate

I'll go with kids, with husband, friends

And this year once, maybe new trend

I'll go alone -this time for me

To soak up all the memory.