So I Roped Him!

I have been at every Calgary rodeo for about 60 years; I rode amateur saddle bronc, clowned with Buddy Heaten, and Bobby Cook, and I worked security at the Rodeo Infield for Winsten Bruce.

My favorite time was one year in the Parade, I was riding with a Rodeo Section and a very unlikeable Policeman who was having a bad day, told me If I roped him I would wake up in Jail...

Well of course it hadn’t crossed my mind till then, so I roped him and pulled him for about a half a block yelling and kicking. The crowd was laughing and clapping just as loud. One of his partners said let him go clown. So I did. (I was dressed in my Rodeo Clown Clothes) I believe I still have picture of that.

Slim (Fearless) Weegar