Rodeo Slim

I met my husband, a cowboy, while we were both involved with the Stampede. Our family was enriched by his experiences, stories, and his continual involvement for over a half century with the rodeo he so loved. No longer of this world, Stampede memories help keeps his spirit alive for me and our family.

In his younger days, Slim tested himself in the Wild Horse Race, Bareback, and even a few years with his own Chuckwagon outfit. He then became a hand with the stock crew to help keep the rodeo going smoothly within specific time frames, regulations, and expectations. These men usually didn't see much rodeo and sometimes had a bit of a rodeo going on behind the chutes when independent minded stock was determined not to cooperate.

One time I recall, in the old Stampede setup about 1968, some cantankerous big black bull jumped (cleanly I might add), over wood corrals making a bid to escape uptown. It took a good strong horse and an accurate rope to contain him. There were reports sparks flew as shod feet tried to hold on pavement.

High spirited, agile horses and bulls were his favorites. One of his favorites was the gray mare Cindy Rocket.

There was a Brahma bull called Bunny, who at times could be so quiet, even gentle, until he was in the chute. Then he was all business!

Our family was so fortunate to witness and experience a behind the chutes western side of the Stampede. It was an honor to meet so many genuine good people who were involved in The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. When we were unable to go as a family with him, Slim always hurried home to share colourful stories and events with us. Now, I have so many wonderful, exciting memories to be thankful for.

Julie Jans