Riding the Super Himalaya

I remember a long time ago as a boy of maybe about 8 yrs old. My sister Marie had taken my brother Marc and I to the great Stampede - wow such a big place for young kids! My experience on this one ride called the Super Himalaya was enough to make you laugh until you cried, it was so scary!

We all climbed on board this awesome ride thinking it was going to be the best ride ever, and the ride started going backwards. The ride was moving fast and we did everything we could to hang on! Our little legs were flying through the air and we started screaming slow this ride down. The ride attendant asked if everyone wanted to go faster, and to our dismay it went faster and I thought, “this was it, we’re all done for!”

That experience has cured me from that ride for the rest of my life! To this day I still don’t ride that one! I am 49 and it was like it happened yesterday!

Andre Lorieau