Raymond Jay Ray Buell

I have just realized that this is the 100th anniversary of the Calgary Stampede.  My grandfather went to Canada in about 1910 and came back when the United States entered World War I.  He lived in Calgary and worked for a leather goods store.  I have a large picture of a leather goods display in a tent and another taken at the fair.

The tent picture is from the Stampede.  Note the chaps at the left and the two other pictures of my grandfather, Raymond Jay “Ray” Buell wearing them.  The formal portrait is of Ray Buell and his wife Verga (Colerick) Buell.  They married in 1910 in Eugene, Oregon and went to Calgary, taking her parents and siblings with them from Nebraska.  It is unclear why they went to Calgary because her brother Charlie Colerick, who lived in Black Diamond for many years, seemingly came a few years later.  Nevertheless. Ray and Verga were at the first fair, as noted in the last two pictures, with Ray, Verga, and an unknown man in front of the midway, and Ray and brother-in-law, Henry Foss in a photo booth.  As an added bit of information, Ray Buell lost his first wife in childbirth in 1908 in Eugene, Oregon.  In 1910 he remarried, and left his three children with grandparents, and went to Canada.  In 1917 when the United States entered World War I, he moved to Great Falls, Montana, and eventually back to Eugene, Oregon.  My mother, Bertha Marguerite Buell was the child born in 1908 who lost her mother. 

Sandy Bisset
The Dalles, Oregon USA