Paul Rogalski’s My Stampede Story

It's perhaps no surprise that Stampede memories for Rouge's acclaimed chef Paul Rogalski revolve around food.

As a kid, Rogalski relished the family tradition of watching the Stampede parade from the roof of the Bon Ton Meat Market on Stephen Avenue by Centre Street. The butcher was owned by his grandfather, who gathered the family, offering them snacks and a birds'-eye view.

"We'd have Bon Ton meat pies on the roof, looking down at the parade," said Rogalski.

Other times, his grandfather set up chairs for the kids on the front row for an even better vantage point.

Rogalski loved being that close to the horses and the marching bands.

"When you're actually on the parade route and you hear the timing they have, it's powerful stuff," he said.

PAUL ROGALSKI: Head chef at Rouge Restaurant