Our Very Own Stampede Town

Yahoo!! From the moment we moved to Calgary, we knew we would love to participate in all of the activities of the Stampede! During these 10 years, we have thoroughly enjoyed getting “all Cowboyed up” to cook pancakes at the head of the parade for all the parade participants, watching the parade, attending numerous concerts, rodeo & chuckwagon races & Grandstand shows. We get so excited to participate in the Stampede, that we built our own “Stampede Town”! We put it up every year, along the outside of our fence so that our neighbours & passers-by can view our contribution to the Stampede. The town consists of a Church, Jail, Hotel, Ranch & General Store. This year we hope to add a couple more pieces to make it more interactive, so that people can take a variety of pictures. We put our visitors faces on the Wanted Posters when they come over.
Thank you Calgary for entertaining us every year, we enjoy every bit of it!
Kevin & Gerry Casey