Our one big treat for the year

I sit here at my desk, looking out the window as the sun shines brightly over the landscape. I can see a glimpse of the Rocky Mountains, and suddenly I drift back in time.

I was born 60 years ago in Calgary and like many others I have seen the city change in many ways. However, Calgary and Alberta will always remain in my heart; this is my home – the home of the Calgary Stampede.

My grandparents were pioneers, coming to this area as young men and women, building homes, farms and working in the oil patch. They worked hard to make a life better so that their children would have an easier one then they did.

As children, the Calgary Stampede was the highlight of our lives; it was our one big treat for the year. We loved to go to the pancake breakfasts and to dance in the streets. Relatives would book their holidays in time to come and watch and join in with all the fun. I treasure the memories of the cuppie dolls, cotton candy, races and Stampede Rodeo. The very best of all was the Stampede Parade.

It was the one time of the year that everyone was a friend and could celebrate together.

The Calgary Stampede is truly the best community event of the province and the country.  Singing, dancing, food, races, rides, stars, cattle, dogs, and fireworks, family – so many things to see and do.

I am proud to make memories with my grandchildren. I take my hat off to all those who make the Calgary stampede what it is---a place to be proud and a place to make wonderful memories.

Yahoooooooooooooooooooooooo to all and I look forward to celebrating the Calgary Stampede Centennial with my family and friends.

Joanna (mangan) Hall

Me from the Calgary stampede 1971
My daughter Michelle and son Jimmy 1984