Oops and Nipper

Best Buds – Oops the miniature horse and Nipper the chuckwagon racing thoroughbred.

Standing about 30 inches high, Oops is a toy miniature horse who travels with chuckwagon driver Troy Flad’s outfit. He may be little, but he’s an important part of the whole operation.

Several years ago, Troy’s son was at a horse auction with some friends and purchased Oops, on a whim, for $10.

The biggest, shiniest horse in the Flad operation is a wheeler named Friendly Nipper and he’s the boss of the barn. When Oops was turned out into the pasture in the fall, Friendly Nipper immediately took him under his wing. The two animals became so close that they shared a stall and slept together.

The next year, when racing began, Flad noticed that Friendly Nipper was off his game. A quick trip home to fetch Oops, though, restored the big horse’s morale and his performance came back up to par.

As a result, Oops now travels with the Flad outfit to every event, which is what keeps Nipper happy and performing well.