One of my Prized Stampede Souvenirs

One of my Prized Stampede Souvenirs

While living in rural eastern Canada on a small horse farm as an eleven year old boy, I had heard about the Stampede from friends who went there for vacation. I was fascinated and found their stories about the Stampede & the city very exciting, I always wanted to attend after listening to their experience in the Stampede city.

Unexpectedly, we moved to Calgary in 1969 from the east after my father received a new job.

Shortly after moving into the City of Calgary, we moved again in the early 70’s into what “was” the country into a very old small farm house close to Spruce Meadows.

It was in this old house during some renovations I discovered in the walls a very interesting old newspaper supplement from the “Calgary Daily Herald”. It was a 1912 Calgary Stampede Supplement. It was a VERY interesting supplement with old style English and many interesting stampede articles. It only enhanced my excitement of the Stampede and what the world was like back in the days of cowboys, horse & buggy and the wild, wild west.  I still have the supplement and take it out occasionally to reread it look at the pictures, advertising, Rodeo and Stampede Parade articles.

The supplement takes me back and is still one of my prized stampede souvenirs. I have been a huge fan of the Stampede for decades and know the 100 year anniversary will be the best ever.

Have a “Happy Stampede”
Jeffrey L. Very