On Top of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth

There was a time when Express buses took crowds of Stampede guests from local shopping malls to Stampede Park.

I remember my mom telling me to remember what it said on the front of the bus, so in case I got lost I’d know which bus to take home. I was only seven, and I didn’t ever get lost, but I do remember winning at the ring toss game on the Midway. I got a dead ringer on a Coca-Cola bottle, making me one of a handful of people to win a gigantic gray elephant - one that I couldn’t even carry. Walking across the midway was impossible with such a bulky plush animal so my parents put me and my oversize elephant friend on the sky-ride together so we could make it across the Park.

As I glided over the top of the crowds sitting with my prized gray and white elephant, I felt on top of the world, or at least on top of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Lesli Christianson-Kellow