OH Canada!

This is actually a story about my husband, Laurence Gracie. He was on the Stampede Band committee a number of years ago.

The Stampede Band was playing for the opening of the rodeo. Wayne Vold always sang Oh Canada before the rodeo started. One day he came with his wrist in a cast. He could not hold the mike and his horse at the same time. His horse was known to spook at any time and the band knew to run if that happened. It just so happened that my husband was asked to hold the mike for Wayne while he sang Oh Canada. My husband was deathly afraid of horses!!! The 3 of them, Wayne, his horse and my husband started out in the middle of the stage. Every time the horse took one side step my husband took 2. By the end of Oh Canada everyone was at the right of the stage and my husband just about ended up in the pool at the side of the stage. This was when the Aquabelles were part of the evening show. It was quite hysterical to watch!!!

Brenda Gracie