My Fondest Stampede Memory

My Dad was born in Calgary so we visited often.  My relatives lived in the district of Ramsey just other side of Scotsman's Hill.  I remember the Stampede coming into town by train.  One Stampede long ago my cousins, my brother and I went down Scotsman's hill across the river to the Stampede grounds as they were starting to get things ready for the Stampede.  When it was time to go back a train had pulled across the path and we could not get to the bridge to go back up the hill. Knowing the parental consequence of being late, we anxiously discussed what to do.  The train conductor heard us and kindly offered to let us go aboard the train, where we could walk in on one side down the aisle and out the other side of the train.  He told us he would only let us if promised not to look in any of the rooms as we went by.  We promised but the excitement of what the rooms contained over took us and we peeked. We made it to the other side up the hill and home.  This remains my fondest memory of all my Stampede experiences. 

Kebrina Caldwell