My first time in a parade

This being my first year volunteering, my story is not about the "funny thing that happened to me on the way", but rather the welcoming, the energy, the love of the city/organization and support that the volunteers from the Promotion Committee exude.

My experiences with some of the events I have been involved to date, has not been fun alone and with energy, but more over memorable. Some examples that gave me chills of amazement would be Olympic Plaza and the announcement of the Parade Marshall , Paul Brandt, the Centennial plans, handing out cowboy hats, pins, and the general public being so appreciative and surprised by the generosity of the Calgary Stampede. It made me proud to be a Calgarian. It is a true, that Calgarians support our heritage!

I also remember participating as a rider for my first time, in a parade in Black Diamond. What a wonderful community! As we rode by the people, people cheered and called "Happy 100th Anniversary!" How kind! How proud!

I have had been involved with many groups over the years, but in no comparison, have I been involved with a group who truly are committed to their organization. Thanks to all who have been there for me from the beginning and here's to more memorable experiences for many years to come!

Joanne Turcotte
Promotion Committee