My Childhood Dream Came True

I’m a life-long Albertan, and have been a Calgarian for 35 years.   Since I was a child growing up in southern Alberta, I wanted to be in the parade but as childhood dreams often go, I never made an effort to make it happen.  We would faithfully watch the parade every year on TV, but I never actually saw it until I was an adult.   I had the unexpected opportunity 10 years ago, when we put a corporate float in, and had the last minute decision to add an extra adult to the float (we had several children on board).   As one of the early morning people helping set up the ride, I was the only one who wore boots and a cowboy hat so my childhood dream came true as a surprise to me – I hopped on just moments before we were to start, and it was one of the best days of my life!   I am an enthusiastic ‘ya-hooer’ and the wall of sound that came back to me from the replying ya-hoo was so much fun.   I was completely hoarse when we got to the finish of the parade, but it was so worth it.   I can imagine now what a rock-star must feel like when they get thousands of people yelling at/for them.  I am extremely  proud of the great enthusiasm and friendliness of our city every year!  This year is going to be great.

Wanda Sommerfeld,
Stampede Lotteries Volunteer