Moments Are Forever

The Stampede becomes a reality. It opens a door into the past. It brings to life, a time when cowboys and their families added value to a part of Canada that had yet to develop. The Calgary Stampede brings that reminder back into our reality. There is a sense of wonderment and pride when you first walk on to the grounds of the Calgary Stampede. The excitement of the Rodeo, Midway, and Music collectively impact the public, right from the first moment that they enter the gates. The Rodeo professionals who compete for their share of the first place cash awards as well as the status of being the all-around champion are almost overwhelming.

When you are aware of how many small Rodeo events that are in place you have a better understanding of what is being presented at the Stampede. You are getting the opportunity to see the best there is at these events. The Stampede has put its heart and soul into this one massive event, and it’s all to give you some of the best entertainment on the planet. Now that's real value for your dollar. Being a resident of Alberta is being a part of history when I take my family down to Stampede Park. This year is the 100th Anniversary now that's real Canadian history. But truly the entire process is action packed entertainment at its best.

There is nothing like the Calgary Stampede! Those that made all this possible are the real men and women who added their skills, courage, and pride. The Calgary Stampede is the place to visit when you come to Calgary.  A moment in time has just presented itself to us. We get to share in 100 years of wows, smiles, thrills, joy, laughter, excitement, and real live entertainment that will fill every viewer’s memories with so many precious moments.

A life time of MEMORIES.

Thank you Calgary for keeping the Calgary Stampede open and for playing a supportive role in their growth and longevity.

From my family to yours.


Randal Williamson
Foothills, Alberta, Canada