Mom and Son Stampede Memories

Hello, please find attached a few pictures that represent our 6 years of Stampede.

My son Jack and I are true Calgarians and never miss a Stampede, or a Stampede breakfast for that matter! Every year we go and every year I get a pin to represent our experience, I love the Festivities all over the City.

My son Jack at 4 years of Age went into the rodeo as a sheep rider and came out with a few cuts and bruises after being trampled on by he Woolley mammoth! hahaha We have met the Stampede Queen and I think Jacks Favorite part was meeting Harry the horse, he loves all the Characters in the stampede, Jack and I have taken his cousin to every Stampede, it's just such a tradition.

As you can see many of Jacks firsts in the pictures attached, I think the sky ride was the scariest hahaha HE was so thrilled to be over everything and everyone, and NO he did not spit (he wanted to hahaha)

I have only been able to take him one year to the grandstand and he loved it. The face he had when he saw that cow get tied up ahahaha and the amazement it was just PRICELESS.

I am a single mom and it's so hard to keep up in life, but the Stampede is the only thing I count on to be there and this year being the Centennial I want Jack to experience it all. I have to say one year I beat out 6 men in a Stampede party on the Mechanical bull and won my first Calgary Stampede Buckle I felt like a real Cow Girl!

We Love Calgary and Happy 100th Birthday! Calgary Stampede! YEEEE HAW!

Amanda Moldowan