Memories from 1993 Calgary Stampede Princess Melissa McKay

In 1994 Lammle’s Western Wear used 3 Stampede people in their print ads. On the right you will find Jason Whitfield (Wild Horse Race Competitor) whispering in the ear of the 1992 Calgary Stampede Princess Kate (McWhir) Bamford and in the middle you will find the 1993 Calgary Stampede Princess Melissa McKay.

Many fans travel from across the country to partake in the week of Grey Cup festivities that lead up to the big game. Historians date the carnival-like activities associated with the game back to 1948, when fans of the western champion Calgary Stampeders dressed in western gear, square danced, flipped flapjacks, partied in the streets of Toronto and rode a horse through the lobby of the posh Royal York Hotel. This tradition still continues to this day and below you will find a group of Calgary Stampede Volunteers in their best western as they prepare to go into the 1998 Grey Cup Parade in Montreal.