Matching Stampede Outfits

When I met my husband in Montreal, Quebec, I thought that would be where we would raise a family.  When we raised our children in Oakville, Ontario, I thought for sure that was where my family would stay.  And we did – until 2009 when life’s surprises struck again and we found ourselves moving to Calgary.

I never thought we would end up out West, not because I don’t have fond memories of out West, because I do.. in particular the Calgary Stampede.

You see, my family history is rooted in Alberta.  My mother was born in Brooks, Alberta and my father was born in Didsbury, Alberta.   My father was a pilot and instructor with the Edmonton Flying Club at the time and was offered a position with TCA (now Air Canada) so my parents moved to British Columbia and married in 1951.  There, they had three of their five children and moved to Montreal, Quebec.  Never letting us forget our Western heritage, my fondest memory of my childhood is when our parents brought all of us to Calgary in 1965 for the Calgary Stampede.  They took us to Simpson-Sears on 16th Avenue NW and decked us out in cowboy outfits.  I remember seeing the wagon races, and seeing my favorite group, The Dave Clark Five.  It was one of the best family vacations that I can remember.  I always thought I would bring my own family to Calgary for their very own Stampede vacation.  Instead, we just moved here.  

I have been to the stampede each year since moving to Alberta and each year I re-live those fond memories of my time here in 1965.  I am really excited for the 100th Anniversary this year and to be able to share it with my entire family is more than I could ever dream of.  I have invited my family, (brothers, cousins, friends) to come visit and share the fun with us, and maybe we’ll buy matching outfits again!

Submitted by Wendy Parker