Making Calgary Home

We moved from Houston to Calgary exactly two years ago on a work assignment for my husband. I was so sad to leave my home, pets and friends to go to an unfamiliar land and city, even though I knew and loved Canadians from working with my employer's international distributors for many years.

Friends tried to comfort me by saying, "you'll get to go to Stampede!"  Not being familiar with "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth," my response was simply that I didn’t care, if I didn’t go to the rodeos in Houston, why would I go in Calgary?

Well – I defiantly underestimated the Calgary Stampede. I was hooked from the start.  What a parade ! From that first day, I was at Stampede Park nearly every day of the 2010 Stampede and was so sad (and blissfully exhausted) when it closed. The next year we made sure all our family who could, did join us and we all had a fantastic time.

I framed and hung my Centennial poster as soon as I got my hands on it. We moved to a downtown condo close to the train so we can run back and forth every day. Even now, when I hear a siren, I put on my  hat, thinking it's CPS signaling the start of the parade!  Makes me smile, even thought it's early February.

I hope to volunteer with Stampede, and help to get this show on the road - again, as Willie Nelson sings.

Here’s a photo of my favorite part of Stampede - the Gypsy Cob I fell in love with – Cash! He'll be there on July 11 again with North Fork Gypsy Cobs. I am on the right - looking like the tired wet rat, but happy as a little kid.

I didn't even like horses when I arrived from Houston.  Thanks to Stampede for introducing me to all the 'heavies' and the rest. We really have enjoyed all the riding demos  - with and without wagons. 

Thank you Calgary, for presenting us with this wonderful, diverse experience for the last 100 years…and counting! I hope we are able to enjoy many more Calgary Stampedes, and to share this remarkable tradition with our friends and family.

And thanks for letting me exude about my love of Stampede!

Connie Brooks

Houston, TX...and fortunately, Calgary, AB