Kids Day at the Stampede

We would get up early, around 6 a.m., to get a ride into Calgary from our dad who was going to work. We'd be dropped off at our Grandmas, where we'd have our breakfast and put on our cowboy gear – jeans, cowboy boots ,shirt ,tie and the white Stetson – the kind with a whistle attached to the string.

There was five kids in our family, and I couldn't imagine how much patience my mom and grandma must have had getting us ready. Then there was the trip to the bus stop in Forest Lawn - all of us little cowpokes hoping on the bus for the ride to Stampede Park. What a performance! You would have thought that we were riding bull's all the way as we were all jumping around and had to be wrestled down by my mom and grandma, who would hog tie us to try and  keep some control  of the herd!

As we got closer to Stampede Park, you could feel the excitement and smell the smells of The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth. We would take in the kids day show in the Grandstand, which was hosted by people like good old Buckshot who would entertain everyone young and old.

My Grandma got a kick out of him and all his crazy humor We ate everything in sight from hotdog's to mini donuts, whistledogs to candy floss. You name it – we ate it!

What a day to remember. People of all shapes and sizes, livestock to see, rides and lots of noises and smells. By the end of the day, dad would swing by and spend some time with us on the grounds. Once it got dark, we were off to Scotchman's Hill to watch fireworks.

After all the excitement and entertainment was over, my dad - the head cow boss - piled all of us played out cowpokes in the station wagon for the ride home.

I now reside in the Okanagan in BC, but still enjoy The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Regards –

Mark Saukarookoff (YAHOO!)