I Wear that Hat Every Year

Way back then, I found a wrecked looking cowboy hat lying on the sidewalk outside our local pub (where I had worked-according to my Irish Boss for 27 years). I kept that hat for all these years. Being a native Calgarian, born here in 1926, I wear that hat EVERY year to the Stampede! 

Now one year we were lucky enough to get seats in the infield. We were heading to our seats when my hat blew off. It ended up below us in the animal pens, there was no one around because the Stampede rodeo was in full gear BUT there was one lone policeman walking around so I called him and asked if he could hand me my hat “sure” he said. He picked it up, looked at it and asked "Are you Buckshot’s Mother?"  We laughed all afternoon!

Betty Whitlock
aka B.A.