I Was Born in Bangkok

I was born in Bangkok, Thailand in 1994. My biological parents opted to leave me in the hands of the workers at the Chulalungkorn Hospital and the Thai Red Cross Children’s Home where at the age of 11 months, I would be matched with my future parents; born and raised Calgarian mom, Lee and my small-town Ontario Grismby dad, Ken.

At twenty-one months I lived with my present-day mother for a while in Thailand while the adoption process was finalized before making my way as a landed immigrant to Calgary, AB permanently. Now, arriving in Canada, I will be honest I do not remember the experience but what I do know is in July (I came home in mid-June) my parents made the journey to the Calgary Stampede from our little bungalow in inner-city Calgary, toting around a toddler in red cowboy boots.

Every year, since that July, I have gone to the Calgary Stampede. I take pride in it, but this summer will be the first summer that I will not be roaming around the Stampede eating deep fried everything as I will be working in Nova Scotia as a coach. But I do plan on making it an important week for my athletes. Between the ages of eight to ten years old, these girls will hopefully be spending the week sporting some sort of Stampede attire, and while they may not understand the significance of this event in Calgary, I always will.

I have attended the Calgary Stampede every year since my adoption and this will be the first Stampede that I will not be attending and wish to share and celebrate this part of my proud, Calgarian history.

Ornmadee Baxter-Lovo