I am a Native Calgarian

I absolutely love the Calgary Stampede and have volunteered with Calgary Stampede Board Float Committee for over 20 years. My goal for the Centennial is to attend a special function each and every day of the Stampede. I would love to receive a few more corporate invitations to round out this goal.

My story is that I am a native Calgarian which is a rarity, and even rarer so is my father. I wanted to include a few generational photos to express my enthusiasm and love of the Stampede.

My great, great grandmother came to Calgary in the early 1900’s and rumour has it that they went to the early Stampedes.

We have always been a Stampede Family and I have memories of Mom whipping up the family Stampede Outfits (usually gingham square dance dresses with scratching brick-brac for the girls and matching cowboy shirts for the males) in the family. I also remember always getting up early to get on the parade route in the most strategic place to scoop the candy thrown from the floats.

I have included a picture of my Mom from 1938 and as you can see the enthusiasm has never waned.

I have included a photo of the Family posing for the 1955 Stampede photo. See my beautiful Cowboy Hat,
Then another photo posing with the extended family for the Calgary Stampede in 1957.
This photo is in 2008 when my exciting Stampede adventure included a cow auction.

At the top of the page, a recent photo of some of my pals, the Calgary Stampede Float judges.

I have only missed one Stampede and I hope my story and photos capture the love I have for this event. In closing I recently retired from a long career and my colleagues, of course, threw me a Stampede Retirement Party.

Happy trails.

Joy Zerke