Homemade Stampede Style

My family moved to Calgary in the spring of 1961, following nine years of moving across the western provinces where my father worked as a geophysicist in the seismic industry.

Dad landed a managerial position with a major seismic company whose head office was situated in downtown Calgary on 4th avenue. Our family's first Stampede was in the summer following our move to Alberta.

My mother, a skilled seamstress, made my brothers and I "western outfits". My brothers were outfitted with yolked western shirts, silver-buckled belts, cowboy boots and hats. My mother made me a turquoise western blouse and skirt which included a silver-linked belt. I remember loving my new outfit and I making my gathered skirt fluff up when I spun around!

The photo I've enclosed is a snapshot my mother took of my brothers and I posed in front of the family car, a 1959 Ford station wagon, just before heading out to the Stampede Parade.

My father parked at his office on 4th avenue and then we would walk through downtown to the Parade route. Our family did this every year and we always had a house full of guests during Stampede week. It was a huge event in our household and my parents were the quintessential western hosts, always ensuring our house guests were well fed and watered.

Maureen Loven