He Turned on the Alberta Charm and Won my Heart

The 1997 Calgary Stampede is very memorable to me as it is where my husband and I met. I took a road trip from Saskatchewan to visit some friends and experience the Stampede for the first time. While enjoying the Coca-Cola stage from the Cantina patio, I had to stop at a table because I was about to drop the drinks I was carrying. It was at that table that I started a conversation with a very nice Calgary boy. He turned on the Alberta charm and won my heart. Together with our friends, we took in the rest of the Stampede’s festivities and ended the night at Nashville North.

We ended up dating and I eventually moved to Alberta. We married in 2001 and have two boys.  The Stampede is a part of our summer every year and we enjoy walking through the grounds reminiscing about when we met.  The 2012 Calgary Stampede will be the 15th Stampede that we will enjoy together!

Bobbi and Marc Paolini